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Muscogee (Creek) Nation Scholarship Pageant


The purpose of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Scholarship Pageant is to provide an educational scholarship opportunity for our young Mvskoke women. Through the MCN Scholarship Pageant, our young women develop their sense of self confidence, poise, public speaking skills, social skills and further their cultural knowledge of Mvskoke history, customs and traditions. The Miss and Jr. Miss Muscogee (Creek) Nation promote our Nation as goodwill ambassadors during their year long reign through various educational, social, cultural and public appearances as well as speaking engagements.

The pageant theme is “We Are Mvskoke,” in coordination with the Mvskoke Nation Festival. The pageant logo is representative of our ancient Mvskoke cultural motifs and is taken from the “Perpetual Blessing” Limited Edition Series Pendleton Blanket issued by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Pageant Officers:

Terra Beaver-Chairperson

Nancy Mason-Vice Chairperson

Tania Bear-Secretary

Amy Hill-Treasurer

Nancy Mason- Acting Head Chaperone

Billy Proctor- Acting Assistant Chaperone



Phone-Terra Beaver 918-758-9769

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