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Employee Benefits


As a Muscogee (Creek) Nation Employee, you are eligible to participate in the health benefits plan after completion of the 60 day waiting period. 

The following employees are not eligible to participate in this plan:
* non full-time permanent employees and Indian Health Services employees.

Enrollment Dates:

Upon completion of the eligibility requirements, you may enroll in the plan on the first of the month following the waiting period.


$200 Calendar Year Deductible per individual
maximum of three (3) deductibles per family

$10 In-Network office visit co-pay
this does apply to the out-of-pocket maximum and covers services performed & billed in the network doctor’s office

Coinsurance: 90% In-network & 80% Out-of-Network
in & out of network have common deductible & coinsurance maximum

Maximum out of Pocket: $700-single or $2100-family
out of pocket maximum includes deductible and office visit co-pays (excludes Rx costs)

Annual Benefit Maximum – No limit

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma – PPO Network

Prescriptions: $10 for Generic & $25 for Brand Name (30 day supply)
(if employee elects name brand when generic is available, employee pays $25; if no generic is available, brand name is $10)

Vision: Screening annually, glasses & or contacts in same calendar year (lasik included)

Dental – Two exams per calendar year, $25 deductible for restorative work

Group Life & Short Term Disability provided by the employer at no cost
-Basic Term Life/AD&D valued at (2) times employees’ annual salary ($100k max.)
-Short Term Disability – Pays 50% of normal wages for up to (26) weeks

Important phone numbers:

BCBS Customer Service – 1-800-672-2567
BCBS Preauthorization – 1-800-672-2378
BCBS Provider Locator – 1-800-810-2583

Employee Contributions – 401(k):

As a Muscogee (Creek) Nation Employee you may contribute from 1% to 100% of your eligible compensation by making pre-tax salary deferrals through regular payroll deductions, up to the current IRS maximum of $18,000 per calendar year.

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation may make a matching contribution in a discretionary amount to be determined by the Employer. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation may make matching contributions each payroll. To receive the matching contribution, you must be contributing to the plan. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s current match formula is 100% of your salary deferral contributions up to 4% of your eligible compensation. (subject to vesting schedule below)

Eligible employees also receive a Profit Share of 5%. (subject to vesting schedule below)

*Employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan upon their date of hire.

401(k) Vesting:

Vesting refers to your right to a benefit under the plan. You are 100% vested in your own contributions and any rollover contributions you make to the plan, as well as any earnings on those contributions. Employer contributions, Match and Profit Share, are subject to the (4) year vesting schedule as listed below:
Less than (1) year of service – 0%

  1. year of service – 25%
  2. years of service – 50%
  3. years of service – 75%
  4. years of service or greater – 100%

Supplemental Benefits:

  • Voluntary Term Life, AD&D, and Long Term Disability
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Aflac
  • Legal
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