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Frequently Asked Questions

Eufaula Dormitory F.A.Q.s

What Is The Eufaula Dormitory?

We are a five (5) day residential care services facility for Native American students in grades 1-12. Students are transported to us on Sunday afternoon and returned home on Friday evenings. During the week Students attend the local schools.

Who Is Qualified To Attend Eufaula Dormitory?

Native American children in grades 1-12 who must have a CDIB from any of the federally recognized tribes are eligible to apply. Our enrollment is generally 80-90 students.

What Kind Of Students And Families Do You Serve?

All types! We serve all social-economic levels of Native American families; both parents, single parents, grandparents, extended family acting as guardians, foster care families, homeless, and others.

Why Interview And Do Background Checks On Our Child Before You Approve Our Application?

For the safety and welfare of your child and our Students it is our intention to know as much about our Students as possible. We must ensure that your child is compatible with our program and that your child wants to be a Student at Eufaula Dormitory.

What Might Prevent Your Child Being Accepted?

Our first priority is to educate Native American students and provide a nurturing and secure environment.  All applicants must be eligible to enroll in public schools at the time of application. Your completed application and the background check will provide us information about any behavioral health challenges, disciplinary issues, adverse legal matters, suspensions or expulsion from all previously attended schools so that we can determine if your child will be accepted into our program.

How Much Does It Cost?

No Cost to You! When you are accepted into our program there will be no cost to attend the Eufaula Dormitory. Our program is funded by the U.S. Department of Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs-Bureau of Indian Education and operated by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Where Is Eufaula Dormitory?

Eufaula Dormitory is in the city of Eufaula, Oklahoma in Mcintosh County, 12 miles South of Interstate 40 on Highway 69.

How Does My Child Get To And From The Eufaula Dormitory On Weekends?

Our program offers bus transportation to and from designated locations and times so that you can meet and pickup your child more conveniently. We pick-up our Students on Sunday afternoon and return to the same locations on Friday evening. You also have the option of you transporting your child to and from the Dormitory. A pre-designated Parent or Guardian must always sign for your child.

Where Do Our Children Go To School And How Do They Get There?

Your child will attend the Eufaula Public Schools, grades 1-12, and will be supported by our Academic Advisor and have tutoring available both at the school and at Eufaula Dormitory. The School Bus will pick-up and return our Students direcHy to the Dormitory.

Will I need To Send School Supplies For My Child?

No!  Your child will be provided all the school supplies required at no cost to you.

Will My Child Be Working With Qualified And Licensed Professionals At The Eufaula Dormitory

Yes! Our Staff is dedicated and experienced; they have professional licenses and certifications in their respective fields so that you can be confident that your child is receiving the best care and service at the Eufaula Dormitory.

What Is A Typical Day Like For A Student? A Students’ day begins at 6:00am. They dress, eat breakfast, make beds, clean their rooms, and take the bus to school. They attend classes, have a free lunch at school, and return by bus from school in the afternoon.  At 3:30pm all Students gets snacks and at 5:00pm they go to supper. All Students must go to study hall for homework for at least 30-60 minutes. For recreation time Student have access to the Gymnasium, the Library/Computer Lab, outside play areas, and some prefer to relax in the residential areas like the floor TV room or their bedrooms until it is shower time, and then bedtime at 8:30pm for grades 1-6 and 10:00pm for grades 7-12.

Will Ineed To Send Soap, Shampoo, And Other Personal Hygiene Items For My Child?

No!  Your child will be provided with all personal hygiene items at no cost to you. If you or your child prefers specific personal hygiene products you may send the items with your child.

Can I Call Or Visit My Child During The Week?

Yes! We encourage parental involvement and support so you can continue your close relationship with your child during the week. You will have full access to your child here at the Eufaula Dormitory. After the Students return from school at about
3:30pm you can call, visit, or sign your child out for a night out with your child and retum them before their bed time. We do suggest the best time to call or visit your child is after 6:00pm because of all the regular scheduled activities that happen until that time each night.

What Is The Policy On Medications At The Eufaula Dormitory?

The Eufaula Dormitory has a Health Coordinator and Staff who are trained for the dispensing of prescription medications and over-the-counter medications and will work with the parent/guardian to ensure that your child is monitored for proper dosages and schedules.

Will My Child Have Spending Money?

Parent/Guardian is encouraged to support their child with an allowance of your discretion. The money is secured by a Student Bank that is managed by the Administration Office.  Floor Staff are not allowed to hold moneys for your child.

Does The Eufaula Dormitory Have Any Special Activities For Their Students?

Yes! In addition to all the regular recreation and activities we have at the Dormitory for our Students, with Staff supervision, we go to Six Flags over Texas in the Fall and Frontier City in the Spring.  Also, Students go out, with Staff supervision, to school sports events, the Movie Theatre once a month, attend cuHural seasonal  vents, go bowling, dinner events, and to the local and State Parks for an afternoon of fun.

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