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Muscogee (Creek) Nation Service Resources

Social Services

The mission of the  Muscogee (Creek) Nation Social Services Department is to counsel, advocate, and provide referrals to Native American households to meet certain unmet essential needs.

Beneficial Programs for families financially effected by COVID-19 Pandemic:

During this trying time, the following programs have been approved to practice reasonable flexibility in operations:

Please call each applicable office to request more information on available accommodations.

Okmulgee Office Tulsa Office School Clothing
2971 N Wood Drive 6711 S Yale, Ste. 106 2971 N Wood Drive
Okmulgee, OK 74447 Tulsa, OK 74136 Okmulgee, OK 74447
918-549-2445 918-549-2484 918-549-2473
918-549-2494 918-298-4197 918-549-2478

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The mission of the MCN Tribal TANF program is to strengthen American Indian and Alaskan Native Families’ abilities to attain self-sufficiency by providing financial assistance, work experience opportunities and career coaching in a consultative manner that educates, encourages and promotes self-reliance. The MCN Tribal TANF Program also provides youth with support and services designed to promote academic, social and emotional growth.

TANF Eligibility

  • At least one person enrolled in a federally recognized tribe living within the MCN Tribal TANF service area
  • Income Guidelines (Family Cases)
  • Must have a dependent child in the home age 18 or under
  • Other documentation will be required when applying for assistance
  • Family cases required to complete work hours:
  • Caretaker relative cases (no income requirement)

TANF Services

  • Monthly cash assistance
  • Weekly or monthly incentives for family cases (completion of minimum hours required)
  • Supportive services for adults and youth
  • Career coaching, resume building, mock interviews, job placement, work experience sites, etc.
  • Subsidized Employment Program (SEP)
  • Diversion assistance

Contact Information

Please contact any of our offices to schedule an appointment or to inquire about additional information.

Okmulgee office (Main office) Tulsa office
Address: 300 N Mission, Okmulgee Address: 6711 S Yale STE 106, Tulsa
Phone: 918.732.7985|Fax: 918.758.1477 Phone: 918.549.2484|Fax: 918.298.4197

Elder Services

Elder Services essential staff are available to identify and access available services to help elders meet their needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES:  Elder Service staff is still available to accept reports from any person suspecting that a Muscogee (Creek) Nation elders or vulnerable/incapacitated tribal adults is suffering from abuse, neglect or exploitation.


SENIOR SERVICES & ELDER ADVOCATE:  The Senior Service Supplemental Lawn Mowing Program provides supplemental lawn mowing for elders ages 55 and over who reside within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation jurisdiction.  Elder may call the Senior Service office to be added to the Supplemental Lawn Mowing list.  The Elder Service Advocate is available to provide advocacy services, assistance and information that would be helpful to Muscogee (Creek) elders.


SOCIAL SECURITY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  The Social Security Assistance Program staff provides assistance for enrolled Tribal Citizens, (In-state or Out of state) their spouse or dependent children in applying or answering questions regarding the Social Security Disability, Survivor, Retirement benefits and the Medicare program.


Mvskoke Nation Youth Services

MNYS provides the Mvskoke Youth Opportunity Grant which assists with expenses for participation in a variety of activities such as:  sports, arts, music, agricultural, cultural, education, leadership, drivers education and more.   Muscogee (Creek) citizens ages 24 and under are eligible to apply at

Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC)

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation WIC Program remains available Monday thru Friday 8-5 to offer benefit issuance remotely for all locations. Please call 918-549-2790 to renew your benefits over the phone! You can also receive breastfeeding advice and supplies, nutrition counseling, referrals and other WIC services remotely.

Click here for online application.

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