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Coronavirus Support Programs

Applications can be submitted  in the following ways:

    • online,
    • emailed to or
    • mailed to: Muscogee (Creek) Nation c/o Social Services P.O. Box 580 Okmulgee, OK 74447
    • Pick up/Drop Off Locations:
Offices Address
Okmulgee Social Services 2971 N.Wood Dr., Okmulgee, OK 74447
Okmulgee TANF 300 N Mission, Okmulgee, OK 74447
Tulsa Social Services 6711 S. Yale Ave, Suite 106, Tulsa, OK 74136
Southern Regional Office 333 S. Washita, Wetumka, OK 74883

Please click the below link for more information about each program:

Coronavirus Income Support Program Policy

Coronavirus Hardship Support Program Policy

Muscogee (Creek) Nation sets plan to deploy $282M with Coronavirus Relief Fund

Funding to be distributed to citizens, programs

Updated June 23,2020 to update new Hardship increase from $150 to $500 per citizen.

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — The Muscogee (Creek) Nation passed legislation to begin disbursement of funding provided by the federal government through the CARES Act to assist tribal governments impacted by COVID-19.

The Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Deployment Team thoroughly considered the guidelines set into place by the federal government and identified the best suited areas for CRF’s first distribution, which includes Individual & Family Support Programs, Health Care Services and Access, Enterprise Relief Programs, Government Operations and Support and Contingency.

“We are satisfied that the Coronavirus Relief Fund Deployment Team has worked quickly to finalize a plan to disburse the CARES Act funds,” Principal Chief David Hill said. “We formulated this team to include the appropriate parties to make sure that we followed the guidelines and stayed in compliance with requirements. The committee was tasked with making sure we met the immediate need of citizens and families financially affected by COVID-19, while also recovering the damage done to our revenue sources and strengthening long-term tribal progress for the future. With National Council approval we can now move forward in executing the distribution.”

An estimated 21% of the funding is placed under the Individual & Family Support Programs, the MCN Coronavirus Income Support Program has been established through MCN Community & Human Services Department to support Muscogee (Creek) citizens, no matter their geographic location, who have experienced a loss of income or employment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program will provide a one-time $1,500 payment once application and documentation has been submitted.

MCN CHS is currently developing a streamline application process for this new program, as well as the new MCN Coronavirus Hardship Support Program. Citizens who are not otherwise eligible for the Income Support Program but are experiencing new and increased household expenses due to the pandemic can receive a one-time payment of $500 per citizen in each household. Eligibility for the program include citizens whose income falls under 400% of the 2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines.

“We wanted to cast a wide net and create services and program assistance that can benefit the most citizens regardless of prior eligibility,” Acting Secretary of Community and Human Services Shawn Partridge said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the absolute need to prepare and invest in health care services and access for MCN Department of Health patients in relation to the virus. Due to this newfound need, the deployment team identified the area of Health Care Services and Access to expand access to care for high risk populations to prevent and mitigate infection of COVID-19 using 15% of the CRF. This includes environmental services supplies, quality and emergency preparedness, and COVID-19 Family Medical Leave.

The Nation made the tough decision to face financial losses to ensure public health and safety by closing all of their gaming facilities March 16. By June 1, this disruption caused an estimated loss of over $100 million in revenue. The CRF has assigned 36% to help restore losses experienced by MCN-owned and MCN citizen-owned businesses during the pandemic through the Enterprise Relief Programs. These programs provide grants to cover eligible expenses permitted by the CARES Act.

MCN values the health and safety of all of their employees, as a result of redirecting personnel to provide support for coronavirus specific needs the Nation incurred significant payroll expenses. The Nation was facing rising percentages in potential budget cuts, the decision was made to allocate 21% of the CRF toward the Government Operations and Support aspect to cover leave related costs associated with the public health emergency. This not only covers payroll expenses but employee hazard duty pay, improvements to network and security due to the increased demand for teleworking, and additional costs related to ensuring infection control such as cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment for employees and visitors.

The MCN CRFDT has created flexibility for the final area of focus in the Contingency fund. This would allow allocations and use of funds to the CRF programs that may require additional support of funding.


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