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Mvskoke Scholar Resources

Financial Aid and Scholarship Directory

These organizations will have additional suggestions for scholarships for your review and consideration. Be sure to plan ahead and meet scholarship deadlines!

American Indian College Fund
Cobell Scholarship
MCN Scholarship Foundation

College Directory

Higher Education Partners

This list features some of our department’s partnerships and relationships with higher education institutions and centers. Feel free to visit their websites for additional information!

Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation
Northeastern State University Center for Tribal Studies
Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies
Oklahoma College Assistance Program
Oklahoma State University Center for Sovereign Nations

National Tribal Education Organizations

The following tribal education organizations are committed to providing resources and opportunities for Native American students. Please click on their link to view additional information!

American Indian Graduate Center
National Indian Education Association
American Indian Higher Education Consortium
American Indian Science and Engineering Society


Mvskoke Scholar College Living and Educational Expenses Budget Tools- Toknawv Vhecetv “To Take Care of Money

Creek Scholars- our department has been diligently working to create new tools, resources, and opportunities for MCN student-citizens. The “Mvskoke Scholar College Living and Education Expenses Tools” was a collaborative effort with the Language Preservation Department to create budgeting tools for your use! These worksheets will be able to help give estimates on expenses and track your educational and everyday spending in addition to current tools you may be using (ie. Banking and budgeting smart phone applications). Keep in mind, these budgets are for your personal use ONLY and are NOT required for our tribal grant programs.

Educational Expenses Budget Tool

Living Expenses Budget Tool

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